The public relations campaign-planning

I think public relations campaign is services for group of people, using public relations campaign get more attention for achieve something, sometimes people can through public relations campaign to deliver some news or message that they made up, or some message to confuse people for let more people pay attention to them, then get some illegal benefit from this campaign. Those happened in the history and base on those reasons the public relation campaign needs more accuracy or reliable.

According to Public Relations Society of America (PRSA, 2015) show that public relations campaign needs honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness, because when someone doing a public relations campaign they have responsibility to everyone and maintain the integrity of relationship with the media government official and the public. Otherwise, it will lose the main purpose about public relations campaign.

Georgetown University Library (2015) shows some guild to help people how to evaluate the information is safety or not by following author most if professional information or resources may have author and author`s occupation or education; email address. The next one is purpose this information can found from homepage that is about audiences; is this from expert or public or some specific area. Then is about objectivity this is an important point this information covered fact opinion, or propaganda, is this objectivity opinion? Is there any emotion-rousing words, and some permission from professional organizations? Another is all information can be verified? And know who needs respond for this information, and must no grammar mistake.

Finally, I believe that the safety information needs evidences to support it, and the evidences can be found from book or other place, all opinions should objectivity, accuracy and reliable.


Georgetown University Library 2015, Evaluating Internet Resources, viewed at 1 April 2015, at

PRSA 2015, Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Member Code of Ethics, viewed at 1 April 2015, at


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