The public relations campaign – implemention

I think persuasion is kind of simply way to let other people believe you and make others to do what you want without blood and violence, most of time speaker may give a lot of reason that good for audiences to convinces them. And this action always take non-threading. However, this way is not an effective way to convince people to accept.

According to Saez (2015) for make effective persuasion that people needs to open their heart and mind and using peaceful way to analysis is really similar with the parents talking with their child that want he to clean the room. But most of time, their child will never accept it. So is will bring another way to convinces people that is coercion.

According to Roundy (2015) coercion most time involve blood or violence, is may hurt someone. Most of time, this way less gentle words and action, and contain threat, pain. I think a good example about coercion happen in a movie named Godfather. When he asking someone to taking about a movie contract about his god-son, and he put a gun and twenty thousand dollars and I will give you an offer that you will never refuse. In this action he give a way to convince that editor for set rewards for good behavior and set threats of injury in the same time using human nature to convinces people. In the end that editor accept it.

I think both of way to convince people are effective one we can use in daytime or for good business or good deal. Another way that we can use in someone criminals. But my ideal is for different people using different way to convinces people to follow that speakers want to do.


Alex,S 2015,Difference Between Persuasion & Coercion, viewed at 3 April 2015

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