Public relations issues – persuasion

I was found two different PR(Public Relations) organization twitter account which one is PROI(Public relations Organization International) Worldwide another is IPRA (international Public Relation Association),.

For the first Twitter account I think it is good example, because media always play an important role in every public relation campaign and always keep push PR campaign forward, PROI twitter use simple design contain easy language and picture some of picture contain simple and easy to understand language to show what happen or to radio the message to audio. And in the other space contain some other URL that the audio can easily to click and read more information.

Another twitter what I was found is IPRA, which design is similar with PROI using clear background, simple and short language, contain video and picture. And some other URL link in the other side to provide more information to audio.

Both of those twitter has common things, which is set a simple tittle then combat some other information which relevant this tittle by used # symbol, according to Harper (2013) shows that # symbol allows other users who are not follows this account can see this account, first it is better than send email to everyone in this world, second, using hash tag can make the information that post in this account looks more charisma, and more professional.

According to Israel (2009) This symbol @ bring some benefit which is target someone and want someone get attention or waiting someone respond about this information. And one of mine ideal about @ is when some professional organization @ someone on twitter. When user read this information they may interest about why this organization @ this person, so they may click it then read more information about this account.

In conclusion, Twitter has an important role to play in public relations campaigns.


Harper. J (2013) The Importance of #Hashtags, viewed 05 May 2015, at

Israel .K (2009) 8 Uses of the @ symbol on Twitter, viewed 05 May 2015, at


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