Public relations issues- ethics

I think the main purpose that people wiling consider is the aim of Public Relations (PR) campaign is help one side win. There are many way can make a group of people to win if never consider ethic issue; ethical or not ethical.  According to Johnston (2015) show some ethical problems happen in PR campaign from information which are truthful information something group of people my want win, they may provide wrong information that can not be trust for misleading the audiences to support them or cover some problems about themselves. On other hand in PR campaign also needs provide some authentic context, to tell people why this is important why we need do this. Those things are what I consider about firstly, because any PR campaign needs accuracy and honestly, because any thing involve public that is mean not a person work, if there are something wrong it will being huge range damage. So we can not use some wrong information to misleading audiences.

Another thing may easily to ignore is about set audiences. According to Elena (2015) five main elements about PR campaign are Goals and objectives, audiences focus, a clear execution plan, data driven and synergy and alignment. The audiences are the group of people needs consume many time to work with. Because no one same, it is require we needs work out the effect way to communication with them and using different channel for example someone like prefer face to face and someone like using email or through party or some small actives. Australia a multicultural when we need start an PR campaign we need consider the culture different using their nature way to communication with them, it can bring more listener and increase the percentage of success. However we can use Australian way to talk but it not very effective for some people.

To sum up, there are two things I think he may confuse about it one is ethical another is communication with audiences.


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