History of public relations

I think that public relations plays an important role in human social developing and use different format show in different times. The earliest public relations campaign brings people more ideal in social, and it also changes our mind push social keep forward.

According to Rakhi (2014) the earliest public relations campaign happened in 1928, everything start from the public’s right to allow female to smoke. George Washington Hill as cigarettes factory manager wants use this opportunity to find another gold in this market. In that time female smoking is a bad activate. However He was use freedom to show smoking is a freedom for female and invite some famous or influential people to show female how to smoke aspirate and they have rights to smoking. After that Eddie Barneys still use a thinking freedom to let female know female also can smoke and this is a freedom for female. Then he made up some news or phenomenon to make this brand cigarette got more attention. Then with this public relations campaign continue this kind of cigarette keep increasing eight years.

Another opinion Carrie (2014) show ten elements can makes this public relations campaign more effective contain: news release, feature, speaking, events, byline article, PSAs calendars, Employee communication, individual pitches exclusives, interactive web media, social media, financial communication, government, community. The reason why first campaign not just a simply action, is first it has a target or audiences is female in American, then he used famous female to show how to smoke o screen and tell them female smoking is for freedom, he use right tools to tell story given female an ideal. And even he let someone smoking this particular cigarette in Fifth Avenue for make more people to attention. But right now in this word, smoking can bring a many health problems; his action is just for make money for industry. And his audiences should just focus adult. Not just male and female. Because child or teenage may do the same thing. All in all, this is a good and effective public relations campaign, is not selling cigarettes is selling some ideal or thinking.

References Carrie 2014, 10 Key Elements of Effective Public Relations Campaigns , viewed 1 April 2015, http://www.carriewriterblog.com/2010/09/10-key-elements-of-effective-public.html Rakhi,C 2014, Torches of Freedom: How the world’s first PR campaign came to be, viewed 1 April 2015, http://yourstory.com/2014/08/torches-of-freedom/


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