Public relations issues- ethics

I think the main purpose that people wiling consider is the aim of Public Relations (PR) campaign is help one side win. There are many way can make a group of people to win if never consider ethic issue; ethical or not ethical.  According to Johnston (2015) show some ethical problems happen in PR campaign from information which are truthful information something group of people my want win, they may provide wrong information that can not be trust for misleading the audiences to support them or cover some problems about themselves. On other hand in PR campaign also needs provide some authentic context, to tell people why this is important why we need do this. Those things are what I consider about firstly, because any PR campaign needs accuracy and honestly, because any thing involve public that is mean not a person work, if there are something wrong it will being huge range damage. So we can not use some wrong information to misleading audiences.

Another thing may easily to ignore is about set audiences. According to Elena (2015) five main elements about PR campaign are Goals and objectives, audiences focus, a clear execution plan, data driven and synergy and alignment. The audiences are the group of people needs consume many time to work with. Because no one same, it is require we needs work out the effect way to communication with them and using different channel for example someone like prefer face to face and someone like using email or through party or some small actives. Australia a multicultural when we need start an PR campaign we need consider the culture different using their nature way to communication with them, it can bring more listener and increase the percentage of success. However we can use Australian way to talk but it not very effective for some people.

To sum up, there are two things I think he may confuse about it one is ethical another is communication with audiences.


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Public relations issues – persuasion

I was found two different PR(Public Relations) organization twitter account which one is PROI(Public relations Organization International) Worldwide another is IPRA (international Public Relation Association),.

For the first Twitter account I think it is good example, because media always play an important role in every public relation campaign and always keep push PR campaign forward, PROI twitter use simple design contain easy language and picture some of picture contain simple and easy to understand language to show what happen or to radio the message to audio. And in the other space contain some other URL that the audio can easily to click and read more information.

Another twitter what I was found is IPRA, which design is similar with PROI using clear background, simple and short language, contain video and picture. And some other URL link in the other side to provide more information to audio.

Both of those twitter has common things, which is set a simple tittle then combat some other information which relevant this tittle by used # symbol, according to Harper (2013) shows that # symbol allows other users who are not follows this account can see this account, first it is better than send email to everyone in this world, second, using hash tag can make the information that post in this account looks more charisma, and more professional.

According to Israel (2009) This symbol @ bring some benefit which is target someone and want someone get attention or waiting someone respond about this information. And one of mine ideal about @ is when some professional organization @ someone on twitter. When user read this information they may interest about why this organization @ this person, so they may click it then read more information about this account.

In conclusion, Twitter has an important role to play in public relations campaigns.


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The public relations campaign – implemention

I think persuasion is kind of simply way to let other people believe you and make others to do what you want without blood and violence, most of time speaker may give a lot of reason that good for audiences to convinces them. And this action always take non-threading. However, this way is not an effective way to convince people to accept.

According to Saez (2015) for make effective persuasion that people needs to open their heart and mind and using peaceful way to analysis is really similar with the parents talking with their child that want he to clean the room. But most of time, their child will never accept it. So is will bring another way to convinces people that is coercion.

According to Roundy (2015) coercion most time involve blood or violence, is may hurt someone. Most of time, this way less gentle words and action, and contain threat, pain. I think a good example about coercion happen in a movie named Godfather. When he asking someone to taking about a movie contract about his god-son, and he put a gun and twenty thousand dollars and I will give you an offer that you will never refuse. In this action he give a way to convince that editor for set rewards for good behavior and set threats of injury in the same time using human nature to convinces people. In the end that editor accept it.

I think both of way to convince people are effective one we can use in daytime or for good business or good deal. Another way that we can use in someone criminals. But my ideal is for different people using different way to convinces people to follow that speakers want to do.


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The public relations campaign-planning

I think public relations campaign is services for group of people, using public relations campaign get more attention for achieve something, sometimes people can through public relations campaign to deliver some news or message that they made up, or some message to confuse people for let more people pay attention to them, then get some illegal benefit from this campaign. Those happened in the history and base on those reasons the public relation campaign needs more accuracy or reliable.

According to Public Relations Society of America (PRSA, 2015) show that public relations campaign needs honesty, expertise, independence, loyalty and fairness, because when someone doing a public relations campaign they have responsibility to everyone and maintain the integrity of relationship with the media government official and the public. Otherwise, it will lose the main purpose about public relations campaign.

Georgetown University Library (2015) shows some guild to help people how to evaluate the information is safety or not by following author most if professional information or resources may have author and author`s occupation or education; email address. The next one is purpose this information can found from homepage that is about audiences; is this from expert or public or some specific area. Then is about objectivity this is an important point this information covered fact opinion, or propaganda, is this objectivity opinion? Is there any emotion-rousing words, and some permission from professional organizations? Another is all information can be verified? And know who needs respond for this information, and must no grammar mistake.

Finally, I believe that the safety information needs evidences to support it, and the evidences can be found from book or other place, all opinions should objectivity, accuracy and reliable.


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History of public relations

I think that public relations plays an important role in human social developing and use different format show in different times. The earliest public relations campaign brings people more ideal in social, and it also changes our mind push social keep forward.

According to Rakhi (2014) the earliest public relations campaign happened in 1928, everything start from the public’s right to allow female to smoke. George Washington Hill as cigarettes factory manager wants use this opportunity to find another gold in this market. In that time female smoking is a bad activate. However He was use freedom to show smoking is a freedom for female and invite some famous or influential people to show female how to smoke aspirate and they have rights to smoking. After that Eddie Barneys still use a thinking freedom to let female know female also can smoke and this is a freedom for female. Then he made up some news or phenomenon to make this brand cigarette got more attention. Then with this public relations campaign continue this kind of cigarette keep increasing eight years.

Another opinion Carrie (2014) show ten elements can makes this public relations campaign more effective contain: news release, feature, speaking, events, byline article, PSAs calendars, Employee communication, individual pitches exclusives, interactive web media, social media, financial communication, government, community. The reason why first campaign not just a simply action, is first it has a target or audiences is female in American, then he used famous female to show how to smoke o screen and tell them female smoking is for freedom, he use right tools to tell story given female an ideal. And even he let someone smoking this particular cigarette in Fifth Avenue for make more people to attention. But right now in this word, smoking can bring a many health problems; his action is just for make money for industry. And his audiences should just focus adult. Not just male and female. Because child or teenage may do the same thing. All in all, this is a good and effective public relations campaign, is not selling cigarettes is selling some ideal or thinking.

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